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Workshop Info

Home workshops are private, one-to-one curated sessions focused on the medium of resin. 
There will be emphasis on handling resin safely, mixing volume ratios, minimising common mistakes as a beginner, and achieving an optimal resin viscosity.

There will also be an introduction to different additives for resin such as alcohol ink, mica powder, acrylic paint, preserved flowers and other items. 

Overall the aim is to foster and encourage personal creativity as well as be introduced to the diversity of resin. 

  • When: Weekend slots released per month in 2022. Flexible timing and date, please enquire!

  • Duration: Depending on difficulty, a workshop lasts 1-3 hours. 

  • How to sign up: Please fill up the workshop form, email or Direct Message @theartamardillo


  • Price: Workshop cost depends on the difficulty, please check out my main workshop tab for sample workshops or inquire for the own creative vision you'd like to bring to life e.g. a combination of two workshops I offer. I'm open to hearing your vision for your workshop!

PLEASE NOTE: Price is subject to change, depending on workshop requirements and design difficulty and number of requested item creations. 



Thank you for your submission.

You will be contacted shortly. God bless.

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