What is the quality of the resin e.g. yellowing/breakage? 

Although resin has the appearance of glass, it does not break easily (from first hand experience of dropping resin pieces). It does not yellow over time, all products are made with high-quality, Australian epoxy and resin isn't bulk bought in order to prevent long, unused batches of resin. That said, reducing the final product's exposure to sun and UV rays is recommended, as extended sunlight can cause discoloration overtime (especially relevant for Singapore's hot sun). 


What are the shipping options?

Local and international shipping is available. All local shipping within Singapore is either Normal mail or Standard Registered Mail, while international shipping fees will apply according to the country of the recipient.  International shipping is always tracked, and takes approximately 2-3 weeks depending on country.

What are the payment options?

Singapore-based options include: PayLah, PayNow, Google Pay, bank transfer.

For international orders: Paypal, Western Union or Google Pay (depending on country). 

What happens if my package is lost?

I will work my best with you to make sure you receive the package. Unfortunately, no refunds are granted for unreceived mail due to circumstances outside my control, e.g. wrong address given, lost in transit or uncollected.

Does The Art Amardillo take custom or bulk orders?

Yes. Commissions are preferred and made-to-order. Customs examples are, but not limited to: coasters, photograph coasters, earrings, barrettes, clear clutches, phone cases, decorative dishes etc. Anything you envision, is something I would love to work with you to create.

How do I submit a commission request?

Please (1) fill out the contact form or (2) direct message me on Instagram @theartamardillo and I will respond to you to inquire more of your desired product. Please note, commissions need to be submitted at least 4 weeks before the due date. Payment is at the point when the commission is placed.

What kind of packaging do you use?

Largely recycled boxes, paper, bubble wrap are used in your product. This is because the environment is precious, it's our future, and being conscious in small measures goes a long way. The package you receive will minimally decorated so you may reuse the box, or can be recycled. If you wish the product to be a gift, you can opt for new packaging (not recycled).