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Hi this is Amadis and welcome to The Art Amardillo. 

My ethos is that creativity is something to be shared and nature is one of the most beautiful examples of God's infinite creativity. Hence my work often revolves around exemplifying nature's beauty, and I work often with natural, preserved botanicals. 

Each piece is one-of-a-kind, and handmade love & care. As is the case of handmade art, small imperfections or quirks may be present and we are all about that. percentage of the profits are donated to charity. If you have any charities or social causes, that you'd like to bring attention to - I'd love to hear more about it and support in the small ways I can! The Art Amardillo feels strongly about social causes and contributing to the local community.  

Thank you so much for supporting the dreams of one wee girl. Thanks to the most lovely people, my handmade art has found homes in multiple countries, I've had the opportunity to speak on local radio in Singapore (987fm), and experienced the joy of contributing to local charity art auctions and hosting private and charity-affiliated workshops. 

  • Habitat for Humanity Singapore 

  • Limitless SG 

  • Lucy Mobile Banking App

  • 987fm (small business invitation)


The Art Amardillo takes pride in sustainable practices. As a sole artist, all products are handmade through small batch practice.

As we know sustainability is a vague word but in order to make it a reality we need to take practical and consistent steps. 

  • The Art Amardillo always uses recycled packaging, unless otherwise requested. 

  • This includes: reused cardboard boxes, recycled plastic, recycled paper earring paper backings and shredded paper, recycled bubble wrap and more. 

  • The Art Amardillo always creates art pieces with reusable silicone utensils in order to reduce single- use plastics. 

  • Epoxy resin materials are always disposed of correctly and in exothermic / reactive form, is never disposed of as a liquid. 

Please inquire if you have any queries!

Reviews and Testimonies

"Literally the most beautiful handcrafted earrings you can find. The amount of dedication, love, effort and care Amadis puts into her work is reflected through the results. Beautiful unique designs made out of quality materials! 10/10 will definitely recommend and 10/10 will buy again!"

- Prissy

"Amadis makes beautiful things! My friend got a pair of earrings for me which I absolutely love and I bought another pair. She's such a joy to communicate with and the whole transaction was easy as, especially considering I'm not in SG. Would definitely buy from her again, thank you!"

- Pey Xin

"You always surprise me with your art skills like I'm taken aback and in awe by what the Lord can do through your hands! Really love every single thing that you made for me (especially the surprise ones) so that I can bless my friends with them and remind them of the Lord's faithfulness in their lives!"

- Colin

Hello Amadis! Thank you so much for hosting the two very wonderful workshops! I think your vibrant energy and encouraging attitude really set the tone for the workshops to be so fun and engaging. It was super heartwarming to hear how much you loved art and how you wanted to be able to teach everyone of resin's value, think it really got through to all of us! You've been super pleasant and fun to work with, thank you so much yeah."

- Brandon

I've attended a resin art workshop with Amadis and it was a great experience! Amadis is very knowledgeable in the medium and took time to explain how certain things work, which helped me to gain a better understanding, before plunging into the hands-on part. As for the hands-on portion, she provided just the right amount of assistance while allowing me to have the space to try things on my own as well. She is very patient and makes the entire experience stress-free and therapeutic!

- Yutong

"Hey Amadis! My friends and I would like to thank you once again for holding the workshop! It was really enjoyable, thank you for being so generous and patient with us! We were really happy to realise our crazy ideas into these amazing art pieces under your guidance. Would highly recommend your workshop to my friends."

- Xin Ying

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